About Them's the Rules

Life is full of rules.

Them’s the Rules is a society and culture podcast trying to wrap its head around the perplexities of human behavior, one rule at a time. Laced with existential mirth, each episode explores the historical, cultural, and philosophical context of a different rule or system of rules, from our social institutions to our New Year’s resolutions and everything in-between. By exposing the universal fault lines that run beneath everything we do, Them’s the Rules offers a new way of engaging in conversations around culture, politics, and society.

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Meet Your Host 🎧

Bronwen Clark is a Portland-based writer, editor, and producer

whose published work can be found in books, online, and on the screen. She considers herself a reformed goody-two shoes and loves learning all about the rules so she can break them most effectively. 

Bronwen has a BA in Comparative Literature, Political Science, and Screenwriting from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles. She now merges her educational background with her creativity and existential mirth, leaping at any opportunity to expand her community through meaningful storytelling.  

When not writing or overthinking, Bronwen enjoys traveling, exploring, and spending time with the dog who rescued her. 

 Find her on Twitter @whataclark